Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee of SOE at SJTU provides advice and guidance on key strategic activities and initiatives. The members include distinguished educational scholars, relevant government officials and principals from well-known high schools.

Committee chairs:

ZHONG Binglin

Beijing Normal University, Former President

Chinese Society of Education, Former President

JIANG Sixian

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Former Secretary of the Party Committee

China Association of Higher Education, Associate President

Committee members:

LI Xinghua
Human Resources Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
YANG Zhenfeng
Basic Education Division of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
SUN Hong Human Resources Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
WANG Tong Shanghai Xuhui Education Bureau
YUN Minxia Shanghai Minhang Education Bureau
Institute for Advanced Studies in Education of East China Normal University, Dean
SHI Zhongying Institute of Education of Tsinghua University, Dean
WANG Yunlai Institute of Education of Nanjing University, Executive Dean

ZHANG Binxian

National Steering Committee of Master of Education, General Secretary

Beijing Normal University, Professor

TANG Jiangpeng

Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School, Principal

National Steering Committee of Basic Education, Associate Director

FENG Zhigang Shanghai High School, Principal
Li Zhicong No.2 High School of East China Normal University, Principal
XU Xiangdong High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Principal
WU Jian High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Principal
XU Hong Shanghai Experimental School, Principal
ZHU Yue Shanghai Qibao High School, Principal
LI Xiaoyu Nanyang Model High School, Principal
ZHAO Guodi Jian Ping High School, Principal
WU Zhao Shanghai Gezhi High School, Principal
GUO Jinhua Shanghai Datong High School, Principal
JIANG Mingyan
Shanghai Kong Jiang Senior High School, Principal
LI Deyuan
Shanghai Yanan High School, Principal
CHEN Yongping Shanghai Fuxing Senior High School, Principal