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Improving global education requires the commitment of competitive leaders in educational research, policy, and practice. The School of Education (SOE) is committed to cultivating educational leaders and innovators who aim to change the world by improving education. At SOE, we prepare students for academic and professional positions in secondary schools, higher education institutions, governments, and corporations and international organizations. Through collaborations with prominent faculty members, practitioners, and policy-makers, programs at SOE provide students with cutting-edge theories, solid research experiences, and hands-on teaching experiences.

As a community, SOE is committed to sharing values of excellence, diversity, and equity. This responsibility lies with all of our students, faculties, and staff members. Each program at SOE is designed for students to meet challenges on their career pathways, which can be customized to meet individuals’ needs and learning experiences through core and elective courses. Please learn more about our programs below.

Master of Science in Education (M.Sc.): This program is designed to provide students with professional research training to enhance their academic development through the study of a field that reflects students’ particular research interests in education. This program allows students to focus on their specific contexts and interests, preparing them for taking careers in educational development, research, analysis, and organizational leadership. Full-time students usually take 2.5 years to accomplish the training in this program.

Master of Education (M.Ed.): Taking advantage of the integration of many disciplines and expertise in science and engineering at SJTU, the Master of Education program cultivates comprehensive, innovative, and high-quality secondary school teachers. Through world-class faculty, cutting-edge research, and a commitment to social justice, this program helps students establish a long-term and impactful career in educational practice. Students take courses in SOE for general theories in education, attend lectures in other programs at SJTU for subject-specific knowledge, and participate in a year-long apprenticeship in leading high schools in Shanghai and beyond. It usually takes 2.5 years for full-time students to accomplish the training in this program.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.): The Ph.D. in Education is an interdisciplinary doctoral program conferred in 2021. Originally, the program was known as, the Doctoral of Philosophy in Public Administration, which accepted the first cohort of students in 2004 and has been recruiting postdoctoral students since 2009. The training of this program highlights the integration of theoretical research and policy consultations and emphasizes empirical research with quantitative methods. To graduate, full-time students usually spend 4 years in this program.

All the three programs above are taught in Chinese. International students must be proficient in Chinese to apply for these degree programs.

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