University Service

In recent years, SOE has actively participated in developing Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). SOE provides consultation services and research reports for university leaders, Graduate School, Center for Teaching and Learning Development, Student Development Research Center, SJTU Alumni Associations, International Affairs Division and other institutions.

Selected SJTU Projects that SOE has participated in:

Evaluation of the education and teaching research projects, from Center for Teaching and Learning Development, 2020

The defense meeting at the University Student Development Research Center, 2020

The evaluation report of part-time engineering doctorate training, 2019-2020

“Research Report on Alumni”, from the SJTU Alumni Association, 2019

“Students' Overseas Learning Experience Report”, from International Affairs Division, 2017

The evaluation and research on the learning experiences and development of master graduates, 2017-present

"Investigation report on the learning experiences of master graduates", 2017

The speech manuscript for the 120th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2016

Shanghai Declaration of the world's top research university alliance, 2015-2016

The evaluation report of graduate summer semesters, 2014-2019

Multilateral Evaluation of SJTU Faculty and Staff, 2014

Learning at SJTU, 2014