Center for Curriculum and Instruction (CCI)

Center for Curriculum and Instruction (CCI) is mainly committed to improving the teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools and beyond. The center integrates theories of learning sciences and their applications in educational practices. It supports cultivating next generation of teachers who are capable and creative in teaching and research. In particular, the center encourages students to join research teams to obtain a solid research experience and become critical and innovative educators. The center incubates cutting-edge research in teaching and learning. Further, it offers platforms for national and international academic collaborations and develops a comprehensive educational ecosystem connecting universities, schools, extracurricular schools, and related industries.

Faculty and staff of the center:

XU Binyan, Professor and Director

GUO Wenjuan, Assistant Professor and Deputy Director

CHEN Jing, Assistant Professor

YAN Xiaomei, Assistant Professor

Contact us:

Address: Room 231, Chan Suikau Hall, 800 Dong Chuan Rd, Shanghai, China

ZIP Code: 200240